Our vision is to help shape the future of the iGaming industry, offering our customers a market leading proposition. Our brands will employ cutting-edge technology to deliver a localised and personalised player experience.

There are plenty of companies in the sector that have made considerable returns yet remain largely unknown to the public as a whole. We are more ambitious than that, intending our sites to become major brands and market leaders in different regions of the world. They will be known not just for their commercial success but their innovation and smart design.


Our mission is to offer a premium class product and user experience.

We are determined that our sites should be fun and also fair – the purpose of casino betting and sport wagering needs to be entertainment. And for this to happen customers need to be given generous offers and be rewarded with a decent return. We believe it is possible to have a successful iGaming company that treats its customers well, while living up to its responsibilities, both legal and ethical.

We intend to have a large number of staff from a range of backgrounds bringing excellence to all they do.


Virtually every company claims to value its customers, but how many really mean it? We do, both because it is right and because it is the way to create a genuinely successful business for the long-term.

Because we value our customers we aim to lead on social responsibility, setting a benchmark for our competitors to aim for. Even in markets where regulation does not require it, we will act in accordance with the strictest international regulations, and in some cases supersede those regulations, in everything from our terms and conditions to our protection of data.

We also have a social mission and will invest some of our profits into worthwhile causes. As the company grows more successful, these projects will become benchmarks in corporate social responsibility.

In a nutshell, our values can be summed up as:


·      Putting our customers at the forefront of our minds

·      Delivering a premium class experience

·      Working together to achieve collective goals

·      Taking pride and leading on social responsibility

·      Continuing to evolve and innovate

·      Working with a smile and having a laugh – making sure our customers do the same. 

OGaming Office

Malta (Headquarters)

Elite Business Centre, Trejqa ta’ Boxbox
Msida, MSD 1840, Malta

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