Bet on a Golden future for New Site


A new, exciting global Sportbook and Casino platform has just hit the market, with a particular emphasis on Brazil, the LATAM region, and also the fast-growing indian market. We are really proud to announce our fantastic ground-breaking brand: BetGold.


“Bet bold, BetGold!” is the punchy slogan of the new site, where customers will find a comprehensive and user-friendly sports-betting platform to spend hours having fun and a lot of excitement. BetGold features a clean and easy to use interface, state of the art technology coming from world class third-party providers, and many functionalities that will allow players to adopt BetGold as the operator of choice for their bets. 


BetGold is partnering with prestigious software and payment providers, to offer a local and tailored gaming experience to its audience. The launch of the new brand also sees local investments in marketing campaigns that fit the new brand identity, to really connect with sports fans, especially when it comes to football in Brazil and cricket in India.

BetGold is a re-branding of the OGaming brand RioAposta, focused on the burgeoning LATAM market.


“We have received a great reception in the LATAM market with the brand RioAposta and during this short time we have learnt a lot from the local market, partners and customers,” said Fabio Finetti, experienced country manager, who is based in Rio de Janeiro. “This experience gave us the opportunity to offer the Brazilian customer what they want.


“By selecting local sport-betting specialists and agencies we are now perfectly positioned to succeed, including with some unique third parties who have not worked with betting partners before.


“We also have chosen the right tools to engage with Brazilian sportbetting communities and to reach them with the best offers and promotions. We are sure LATAM and other players will find on Betgold the best place to thrill with their favourite teams, regardless of sport, discipline, events or bet-type.”


As well as Brazil, OGaming have teamed up with some of the biggest players in the Indian market, providing real on the ground experience, enabling OGaming to offer a best in class cricket product. The site will use sophisticated geo-targeting to adapt everything from landing pages to sports book to the interests of users in different territories. All the ingredients are there to make BetGold a truly great international brand, with a Golden future.